PayAsia releases innovative Payroll and Corporate Prepaid Solution

Singapore – April 4, 2016

PayAsia has teamed with fintech solutions provider MatchMove to further enhance its technologies with Corporate Prepaid Solutions.

PayAsia developed this technology to vastly improve process and governance for clients to distribute employee salaries and manage disbursements. This technology will improve user experience, increase governance and drive cost efficiency.

Teaming with MatchMove, PayAsia has released a virtual dashboard where clients’ employees can conveniently view their salary account and monitor fund movements. It includes a virtual MasterCard that can be used securely to make online purchases and access value added services.

PayAsia’s Corporate Prepaid Solution also offers a physical MasterCard that employees can use to segregate business expenses. As PayAsia’s newest form of disbursement card, this physical card was crafted with the improvement of user experience in mind, especially when it comes to tracking and managing an employee’s business-related spending.

“PayAsia understands the need for timely innovations that further streamlines our processes and drives efficiency, and that at the same time, enhances the overall experience for our clients. With this new product offering, our clients will be able to better manage their payroll, track expenses, and handle cash disbursements,” shared Mark Samlal, Chairman and Group Managing Director of PayAsia.

Shailesh Naik, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of MatchMove, added “We made sure our Corporate Prepaid Solutions address the most vital aspects of PayAsia’s offerings, and the technology we provide will be legislatively compliant, meet varying time pressures and deliver their sensitive task of seamlessly managing corporate payroll.”

Gitesh Athavale, Senior Vice President and General Manager of MatchMove, further noted that “MatchMove’s mobile payment system being seamlessly integrated with the payroll distribution system of PayAsia will provide convenience to corporate employees; they now have a means to conveniently complete transactions online, be it shopping, bill payments or sending money to their family.”


About PayAsia

PayAsia a Singapore headquartered and provides Fully Managed Payroll, HR services and Staffing. We deliver solutions to over 400 globally recognized companies. Our core business functions and sites are certified for ISO9001 and ISO27001 standards.

For additional information please contact:

Mr. Mark Samlal
Group Managing Director and Chairman

Phone: +65 6327 6828


About MatchMove Pay

MatchMove is Singapore’s fastest growing mobile payments technology company, providing innovative enterprise solutions to help businesses increase revenue, user engagement and loyalty through the strategic use of our customizable cloud-based platforms.

For additional information please contact:

Mr. Gitesh Athavale
Senior Vice President and General Manager

Phone: +65 9710 3005