Roboticising Global Payroll with Martin Stockton

This “Roboticising Global Payroll” episode of The Payroll Podcast is with highly experienced, CIPD qualified Global Payroll and HR Outsourcing/Shared Services Professional, Martin Stockton.

By Nick Day January 30, 2019 – Martin possesses over 25 years’ experience in International HR & Payroll Management and is an expert when it comes to roboticising payrolls

In addition to operational expertise, Martin also possesses significant experience in Programme and Project Management on domestic and international projects. Subsequently, he has gained experience in projects related to Shared Services, Change Management, sales and pre-sales (ERP and SAAS/Cloud); Outsourcing and Consulting, Advising, Transformation, Implementation and Management.

Martin was trained in Project Management by IBM; is qualified in Workday set up and configuration and because of this training he has successfully implemented numerous payroll & HR solutions worldwide. One of these projects includes taking the IBM concept of HR Transformation to market and building a consulting practice around it.

Currently, Martin is working for PayAsia as a Director responsible for developing and managing sales and channels/partnerships/alliances in Europe for the business.

Most importantly, Martin possesses extensive “roboticising” experience. Subsequently, he has successfully developed Payroll-related Robotics solutions for major Robotics providers and he has advised clients on Robotics strategy for HCM/Payroll.

Currently, Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence conversations are monopolising payroll right now. Subsequently, we wanted to record this special “Roboticising Global Payroll” episode to help the payroll industry get to grips with what Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence really means. Once you have the knowledge, you can start developing a blueprint for RPA adoption within your own payroll operation.

Above all, in this “Roboticising Global Payroll” episode of the Payroll Podcast we discover:

  1. How to embrace robotics for payroll, where to start and what you need to consider?
  2. Discover the philosophies in relation to Automation, Robotics and AI in the market right now?
  3. Learn the differences between the suppliers who are offering RPA solutions?
  4. In relation to advancing payroll technologies and roboticisation, what strategic priorities should take precedence?
  5. Discover if developments in Automation, Robotics and AI are for the supplier or the customer?
  6. How to stay ahead of the transformational change curve?
  7. Reasons why business and industry leaders should embrace transformational change
  8. How you are already embracing Robotics but probably don’t even realise it.

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