PayAsia Payment Services (PPS) aims to become Asia-Pacific’s first multi-country treasury services (MCTS) provider by offering customers the ultimate last-mile solution for seamless HR-related payments.


Corporates and workforce management companies need to pay ALL their global employees. But they do not always have access to a banking infrastructure in every location where they operate, which results in many issues.

  • Limited banking services
  • Expensive banking fees to fund from the home country
  • Limited or no local finance teams, forcing the companies to manage payments remotely
  • Lack of understanding of payment types in each country
  • Poor data security in handling payroll information


The PSPS-multi-country treasury services helps corporate and workforce management companies manage their HR-related payments.

  • Pay employees and contingent workforce
  • Pay employment and labour related dues to statutory authorities
  • Pay other corporate-related payments, including some vendors


Bundled with Payroll Outsourcing or Stand-Alone

A bundled solution or a stand-alone solution for seamless disbursement of payments.

  • Single or multi-country net wages to employees and contingent workforce
  • Single or multi-country, single authority or multi-authority statutory payments related to employment and labour laws

Our Cross-Border Solution

200 countries, 145 currencies

Designed for companies that pay employees, contingent workforce, registered statutory bodies, and some vendors

Customized for companies that disburse payments to multiple countries from foreign-sourced funds and use transfer pricing with their global subsidiaries

Our Cross-Border Solution

In-Country Solution

Designed for companies that have a local banking infrastructure, and whose fund sources are in-country

Best for companies that want to outsource all treasury related processes including payments to employees, contingent workforce, statutory bodies, and some vendors

In-Country Solution